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Mobile Command Center

Mobile Command Center - Emergency Services Mobile Command Point

Technical specs for Emergency Services Mobile Command Point

The Mobile Command Point consists of a superstructure with two rooms: control compartment and operator compartment, built on a 4×4 truck chassis, equipped according to specifications.


The control compartment is a workspace for situation reporting and decision making. It will accommodate 6-7 people served by an additional operator.


The vehicle will have a choice of power supply between:

3-phase diesel generator
Three-phase external power supply
Single-phase power supply from outside
Garage mode allowing to charge batteries and maintain a temperature of minimum 5 degrees Celsius inside the compartments.

Switching between power supply modes will be done without causing interruptions in the operation of the powered equipment.


When choosing the equipment that will equip the Control Point, products with the lowest energy consumption shall be considered.


The operators’ compartment is a space for the 3 operators. Each of them must be able to manage 2 systems in parallel:

The communications system, which allows audio linking of two or more parties on any of the TETRA, UHV, VHF, GSM, fixed telephony and satellite telephony systems as well as the Command Point’s internal telephone system. All calls will be recorded with the possibility of listening to them at any time from the Control Point or remotely via the Internet.
The Single National Emergency System 112.

For all radio equipment and equipment with a communications antenna, a large gain antenna will be mounted on the ceiling of the superstructure, so that the range of the equipment is as large as possible. Also, for the main communication systems, there will be the possibility to switch the antennas of the radio stations between those on the roof of the superstructure and those on an extendable mast at least 4 metres above the vehicle, for an even higher gain in case of very weak signal.


In the control compartment there will be a fourth operator who, in addition to operating the two systems described above, must ensure the operation of the “LCD wall + digitizer” system, the TV channel reception system and the display of images provided by outside video cameras.


Both compartments will be video monitored, the activity will be permanently recorded during the missions, with the possibility to stop recording the audio signal from the control compartment.


Both compartments will have facilities for printing documents, scanning, copying, receiving and sending faxes.


The control point will be equipped with an external notification system for the presence of the representatives of the various Agencies or Services present in the control compartment. Coding will be done by colour codes – continuous light signals: orange, white, green, blue and red.


The control point must be capable of connection to the land telephone system, the land data transmission system and to a three-phase or single-phase power supply. It shall also be able to connect (voice and data) with other vehicles of the same type as well as be able to supply single and/or three-phase electricity from its own system to other consumers with the possibility of permanent monitoring of consumption.


All external equipment and related connectivity must be water and dust resistant in accordance with the standards in force – min. IP55


The control point must be equipped with a safety system, against accidental start-up with the truck connected to an overground power source, or with the stairs not folded.

Technical and functional specifications

1. Truck chassis

  • 4x4 traction with off-road capability
  • Minimum payload of 15 tonnes
  • Minimum engine power 250 hp
  • Diesel fuel based operation
  • Exhaust emission standard : according to the standards in force at the date of delivery
  • Maximum height of chassis + cab from ground level of maximum 3200 mm
  • Maximum cab height from chassis level of 2000 mm maximum
  • Minimum wheelbase 4000 mm
  • Maximum chassis length 9000 mm
  • Width of chassis, including cab without side mirrors, maximum 2500 mm
  • Towing hook
  • Folding stability wedges with warning system in the driver's cabin in case of folding

2. Superstructure

a. Compartmentalized container (insulated)

  • Compartmentalized in 2 rooms
  • Minimum dimensions of 6000 mm x 2200 mm x 2000 mm
  • Side doors for each compartment
  • Folding and non-slip metal stairs for side doors with the possibility of folding under the superstructure
  • Opening windows in each compartment with opaque blinds and insect screens
  • Watertight door behind the superstructure for easy access to equipment cabinets, minimum 1000 mm wide
  • Warning lights in the driver's cab and a safety system that prevents the engine from starting if the truck is mounted
  • Sliding platform at the rear door capable of supporting a minimum weight of 110 kg for service operations
  • Folding ladder for access to the sliding platform and the roof of the superstructure
  • Electrically operated sunshade along the entire length of the superstructure on the access side - right, with a minimum opening of 1.5 m
  • Warning light system (2 blue strobe lights located on the roof in the rear corners of the superstructure with metal protection)
  • Safety lighting system connected to 24 V power supply

b. Storage compartments

  • Storage compartments located under the superstructure, fitted with lockable lids and opening at the top, interior lighting and door holding system in open position

c. Antenna mounts and robotic lighting system

d. Equipment cabinets - rack - 3 pcs

  • Equipment lockers will be positioned in the operators compartment
  • They are fitted with transparent glass doors for viewing the condition of the equipment in the cabinets
  • They have their own ventilation system to maintain an optimal temperature inside them
  • The cabinets will have a cabinet lighting system both inside for maintenance and repair operations and from the outside at the front for viewing equipment and switches.

e. Furniture for operators' compartment

f. Furniture for command compartment

3. Air conditioning

a. Air conditioning - 2 pcs

  • Located in each compartment with possibility of independent operation

b. Stationary fuel based heating - 2 pieces

  • Located in each compartment with possibility of independent operation

c. Electric stationary heating - 3 pieces

  • Placed in each compartment and inside the racks
  • Designed to maintain a positive temperature during stationary use with 220 V power supply

4. Power generator - 1 pc

  • Generator designed for vehicles
  • Three-phase current generator
  • Nominal performance of minimum 10,000 W
  • Capable of providing the entire system with a minimum of 72 hours autonomy under normal use of all equipment

5. Radio and Telecommunications System

a. UHF station – 3 pcs

b. VHF station – 3 pcs

c. Portable VHF station – 5 pcs

  • Meets MIL STD 810 C/D/E, IP54 and TIA/EIA 603 standards

d. TETRA station – 3 pcs

e. Portable TETRA station – 5 pcs

f. GSM analogue interface - 2 pcs

  • Compatible with GSM 800/850/900/1800/1900 MHz networks
  • Compatibility with all types of PABXs

g. CDMA analogue interface - 1 pc

  • Compatible with CDMA 2000 450 MHz network
  • Compatibility with all types of PABXs

h. Heavy-Duty DECT phone - 5 pcs

i. Audio conference terminal - 1 pc

j. TETRA repeater

  • Must meet IP65 standard for outdoor mounting

6. SmartBoard Interactive Whiteboard System + LCD Monitor


  • The TV allows the display of a TV channel on one input and the extension of a computer display on another input
  • PAL/SECAM/NTSC colour video system
  • Menu displayed on screen
  • Power supply 220V AC, 50 Hz

8. Interactive board

  • Interactive whiteboard allows to transform the LCD TV into a touchscreen monitor for entering certain information into the computer system
  • Digitizing technology based on optical sensors
  • PC connection via USB cable

9. Electronic equipment

a. Meeting room overview monitor

b. Multifunctional Black & White Printer

  • Black and white printer, fax, copier, scanner, PC-fax function
  • Maximum paper size: A4

c. Multifunctional color printer

  • Colour printer, fax, copier, scanner, PC-fax function
  • Maximum paper size: A4

10. TV channels reception system

a. Television - 2 pcs

  • The TV must allow the display of a TV station, the display of the activity in the operator's compartment, the display of images transmitted by video cameras (fixed and mobile), each on a separate input.

b. DTH receiver - 1 pc

  • DTH system capable of providing different signals to 2 TVs in different rooms from a single receiver

c. Satellite dish with automatic positioning - 1 pc

  • Reception of TV and radio stations transmitted digitally via satellite
  • Receiver with minimum 4000 channel memory
  • Automatic antenna folding function when starting the vehicle
  • High gain satellite dish
  • Maximum antenna diagonal 80 cm
  • Average search time less than 1 minute
  • Maximum height of folded antenna 25 cm

11. Videoconference System - 1 pc

System will consist of:

  • 1 High Definition video camera (including LCD screen mount)
  • 1 Videoconference codec
  • 1 microphone
  • 1 remote control for setup and operation
  • 1 power supply unit

12. Miscellaneous equipment

a. Weather station

b. Reverse parking camera system

  • Meets IP67 standards

c. Radio-MP3 player

  • Radio-MP3 to allow listening in the loudspeakers located in the operators' compartment as well as in the command compartment

d. Vehicle independent navigation system

  • Touch screen navigation system
  • SiRF Star III GPS receiver (20 channels)
  • Navigation software for Romania

13. 'Comfort' equipment

a. Refrigerator

  • Electromagnetic certificate for use in motor vehicles

b. Microwave oven

  • Minimum capacity 18 litres

c. Coffee maker

d. Kitchen sink

  • Stainless steel material
  • Single stainless steel tap with ceramic ball for hot and cold water
  • Fresh water tank with a minimum capacity of 35 litres
  • Waste water tank with a minimum capacity of 35 litres
  • Water heating system

The vehicle is delivered as a fully functional unit with all data and voice equipment interconnected and configured. The entire system is designed to maximize the range of operation in open field without additional power sources outside its own fuel tank.