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Extrication vehicles

Extrication vehicles

Intended use:

This vehicle is designed for extrication and rescue in the event of various types of accidents – traffic (car and train), technological or catastrophic.

Depending on the level of equipment and maximum authorised mass, these vehicles are classified as:

A. Complex intervention, extrication and first aid vehicles
Vehicle category: N1

  • Intended for extrication and emergency medical assistance in urban and rural areas, with an emphasis on rapid movement and rapid deployment of the intervention device.

B. Heavy extrication vehicles
Vehicle category: N2 sau N3

  • They are intended for extrication and rescue intervention in the event of various types of accidents - traffic (car and train), technological or catastrophic, in order to free the people caught and provide qualified first aid at the scene of the event.

Vehicle setup:

• Staff transport compartment: 1+2 people, respectively 1+5 people

• Materials transport compartment with space for the following categories of technical means:

  • Extrication tool set
  • Pneumatic equipment
  • Electrical equipment
  • Passive means of stabilisation and fixation
  • Tools and protection gear
  • Medical equipment


  • Command and communications system between crew members
  • Communication station with dispatch or other vehicles
  • Supplementary lighting installation:
  • Spotlights for lighting: 1 pc. (on stand attached to the cabin, removable)
  • Lighting fixtures located in all equipment compartments
  • Floodlights (lamps) to illuminate the area in the immediate vicinity of the vehicle: 1-2 on the sides and 1 at the rear
  • Acoustic and optical warning system