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Rapid response vehicles

Rapid response vehicles

These vehicles are designed for fire-fighting in urban areas with crowded or narrow streets, which do not allow access to large vehicles, with emphasis on rapid movement, rapid deployment of the intervention device and the use of water with high fire-fighting efficiency, to liquidate small fires or prevent their spread until the arrival of large vehicles.

Fire engines can work independently using water from their own tank or from other sources.


  • Type SUV, Van, or Chassis Cab
  • Two-door cab (1+2 seats) or 4-door cab (1+3 seats)
  • Transport compartment for installations, equipment, accessories
  • Drive formula : 4x4
  • Vehicle category : N1 G

Fire extinguishing system:

  • High-pressure water and foam working motor pump: 100 bar, or ultra-high pressure 170, 200 bar, or CAFS type motor pump
  • Water tank:
    - Material type: fiberglass reinforced polyester resins
    - Capacities ranging from 200 litres to 1500 litres.
  • Foam tank:
    - Material type: glass fibre reinforced polyester resins
    - Capacities ranging from 15 litres to 100 litres.

Equipment and accessories:

  • Depending on the technical specifications imposed by the beneficiary