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High-capacity water and foam fire-fighting vehicles (ASP LAS-CM)

Intended use:

The large fire fighting vehicles are intended to equip the fire brigades in order to ensure their efficient intervention in fighting fires.

The aeromechanical water and foam system allows the fire engines to work either independently, with water being supplied from their own boiler or from external water sources (natural or pressurised), or in cooperation with other fire engines.


  • Double cabin with 4 doors: 1+5 seats
  • Total weight allowed: 18,000-24,000 kg
  • Specific power: 20 hp/to
  • Transmission formula: 4x4, 6x4 or 6x6


  • 1- low pressure stage: 3.000 l/min/ 10 bar
  • 2- High pressure stage: 200- 250 l/min/35-40 bar
  • Water and foam fire extinguishing hose: 1600-2400 litres/min

Equipment and accessories:

  • FSS accessories
  • Firefighters protective equipment
  • Extrication tools
  • Medical first aid kit
  • Communications equipment
  • Various motorized equipment (sewage pump, chainsaw, motor generator, etc.)