ROMPRIM SA – the only manufacturer of fire fighting vehicles in Romania

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History, tradition, milestones




ROMPRIM was established in 1953 by a Decision from the Ministers’ Council and was initially called the 4th Division of Technological Equipment, belonging to a bigger enterprise that managed the Construction Machinery Administration


In 1958, the company is rebranded as I.R.A. 3 (3rd Auto Repair Enterprise) and transferred to the Ministry of Transport & Telecommunications as an auto repair facility. By 1973, ROMPRIM re-brands two more times, becoming I.R.A. – București Oltenița (Bucharest Oltenița Auto Repair Enterprise) and U.R.A. Buc. Oltenița (Bucharest – Oltenița Auto Repair Plant).


In 1974 the unit was transformed into the Bucharest Automechanics Enterprise and became part of the Ministry of Machine Building Industry, with the profile of manufacturing fire-fighting vehicles, bodies of vehicles for municipal and urban households, special technological transport of goods and in parallel a production of spare parts. As a result, the company has been designated as the only manufacturer of fire-fighting vehicles in the national economy.

Thus the company has developed a production of various fire engines which it has also exported to countries such as: Egypt, Germany, Cuba, Bangladesh, Iraq, Angola, Somalia, Philippines, Colombia, Nigeria. As a result, this production was maintained even when diesel engines were introduced.


In 1983, the unit changed its name to Diesel Engine Company, whose main activity was the assimilation and manufacture of diesel engines of different powers, from 360 to 1500 hp, for drilling and traction, and in 1990 it assimilated the manufacture of the 192 hp horizontal engine, intended to equip buses.


In 1991 the company was transformed into a joint-stock company under the name ROMPRIM. Due to the market requirements, the company expanded its business scope, introducing the production of refrigerated trucks, tankers, trailers, vans, various bodies.

1991 – 2018

Important manufacturer of fire-fighting vehicles in Romania and one of the largest bodybuilders, ROMPRIM has a product catalogue of over 115 items (types and variants), which is regularly expanded and renewed.

During 1995 – 1996, ROMPRIM changed from majority state ownership to majority private ownership.
Currently the company has 100% private capital (MEBO method – shareholders are employees or former employees of the company).

2018 – present day

Private investor becomes the majority stakeholder in ROMPRIM and implements and extensive strategy aimed at growing the business and expanding the portfolio. In 2021, the company relocates all of its production and sets up new facility in and industrial park in the northern outskirts of Bucharest.